Cheap Airfare

Save on Airfare

Depending on where you are coming from, airfare can get expensive. Personally, I don't mind flying Spirit. Yes, they charge for this, that and everything else. Vegas is about a 4 hour flight for me, and I don't need a soft drink or water and snacks to be included. And when factoring in the price of luggage, I still find Spirit is still typically quite a bit cheaper for me than the "big airlines." Most of my Vegas flights over the past 5 years have been with Spirit and I've found their crew to be rather friendly and have a sense of humor.

Airline Credit Cards

Here's a big one, so let's start with this and I'll get back to talking about the deals that can be had on Spirit and Frontier. As long as you're responsible with your credit and can manage it, credit cards can be very valuable. If you plan to do this, I'd advise you to pay your balance in full each month and not to spend more than you normally would. Most airlines also have credit cards that you can sign up for. This can open up a lot of opportunities for people, but they don't even realize it. It's all about the signup bonuses. At the time of writing this, you can get a signup bonus of 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles after spending $3,000 in 3 months of account opening. Don't go spending your money on things you don't need to try and make the $3,000 in 3 months. They also have a higher version of the card (more benefits) that requires $5,000 spending in 3 months. Just use the credit card on everything you normally spend money on and don't buy things you otherwise wouldn't buy just to meet the minimum spend. If you know about a big purchase in the near future, that can be paid with credit card, it would be a good time to see what offers are available. Some credit cards will include free checked luggage or even airline lounge access. One thing to note is that airline credit cards will usually have an annual fee. Sometimes the fee is waived the first year. I wouldn't recommend a credit card from a budget airline. If you're okay with flying Spirit, you can probably get a cheap enough flight without worrying about miles. Plus, Spirit's mile program isn't that great.

Spirit and Frontier Airlines

I know these two airlines have big discounted flight sales quite a bit. Unfortunately, to get the best discounts on both, you would need to pay for their airline clubs. What makes Spirit's club a little better, is that it also gives you discounted baggage fees. Depending on where you live, you might find that those super cheap sales (like $23 each way) tend not to include the route you want. However, don't be afraid to check just in case. I've seend Spirit's $23 sale available for Chicago roundtrip to Vegas twice, but not available most time - so you never know. The main complaint I hear about budget airlines is that 'once you add in luggage and other fees, you're not saving any money over any other airline!' 99% of the time, I have found this to not be true. Personally, I don't care about getting a free coke or whatever to drink on the plane, so that doesn't bother me. And even after adding in baggage fees, round trip to Vegas has been much cheaper than some other airlines.

Southwest Airlines

I know people love them, but I haven't seen a great deal with them to go to Vegas. Maybe it's just the timeframe of the trips I plan, but the good sales seem to never be available for my trips.

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