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The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino opened just over 1 year ago and it looks like they're forced to already make changes. They have closed ALL of their restuarants except for the Cha Garden, as well as their casino. The Vegas hotel and casino isn't in the best location to draw in the crowds. To begin with, the far north area of the Strip still needs more drawing power to give people a reason to go there. The SLS is not far away from the Lucky Dragon, but then you just have the aging Stratosphere and Circus Circus. The expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center to where the Riviera was might not bring in a steady enough traffic flow, and the same can be said about the MGM Festival Grounds. And of course there's the failed Fontainebleau that will probably sit unfinished for a bit longer. And of course being slightly off the Strip, doesn't help its visibility. But Lucky Dragon is claiming that the restaurants and casinos should be back in a few months. I was planning to check out the casino and try at least 2 restuarants a few months ago and definitely regret not going now. I don't think it looks good for the hotel and casino to just come back to how it was just a few weeks ago. This is why I always tell people to check out/try places that you want to when you go to Vegas because things change quickly on the Strip.

lucky dragon hotel and casino