Vegas Hotels

Where to Stay

The most common question I get asked is where to stay on the Vegas Strip. Personally, I care more about location than having a nice Vegas hotel room...assuming the room isn't that bad. I've stayed at all different areas of the Strip, but my favorite hotel is definitely Planet Hollywood. It's pretty centrally located and I think the rooms are quite nice. I also enjoy their casino and restaurants. And considering you can get a pretty good deal on the rooms, this is my go-to Las Vegas hotel and casino. Just be sure to compare the rates with other hotels and see if you have any comps available anywhere when you decide on the dates you're going. The main issue I have with Planet Hollywood is the resort fees (even when you have comped stays, unless you're diamond level), but since they can't really be avoided any more, it's hard to complain too much about them.

Planet Hollywood

For those going to Vegas for the first time, I like to recommend Planet Hollywood for it's location more than anything. One day you can check out the South Strip, one day the middle section and another day the North side. Once you've been there, you will get more of a feel for which areas of the Strip you like the best. Then, on future trips, you might decide to stay more on the south end or north end. As much as I enjoyed my stay at the Encore at Wynn, I don't know if I would stay there again unless I got comped nights because you can use the money you saved on your room for food, gambling, entertainment or just keep in your savings account. And if it is your first time in Vegas, be sure to sign up for all the player's club accounts so you can hopefully gets some offers on your next Vegas trip. Just remember, you don't have to play in the hotel that you stay.

Planet Hollywood Vegas Hotel

In addition to it's great location on the Strip, Planet Hollywood has pretty nice rooms and probably the best standard bathrooms for the rate, with a separate walk-in shower. They've got a mall and plenty of restaurants, in addition to a nicely designed casino.

At times when Planet Hollywood rates are little higher than normal, I'll check Ballys and Flamingo. The hotels are older but you can stay there at a low nightly rate. Ballys is great since it's actually connected to Paris making it seem like one big hotel.

One thing to keep in mind when you're in Vegas, is that restaurants, bars, clubs, etc can close permanently without warning. So if there's a place you want to check out, don't put it off for another trip, as it may not be there next time. Check out a couple of my restaurant recommendations here

If you're interest in ways to save money on your Vegas trip, I have some suggestions on cheap hotels and cheap Vegas airfare.