Vegas Restaurants

Where to Eat in Vegas

Vegas is a great place for restaurants. Some people don't like the fact that the Strip has a lot of restaurants taken from other cities, but I look at it as a positive. In one Vegas vacation, you can go to a New York restaurant, a California restaurant and a Chicago restaurant. I suggest trying different restaurants and not going to places that you are familiar with in your home town. My biggest pet peeve is when asking someone where they ate on their trip and they reply that they went to McDonalds or another chain that is in the area. The Strip features many great places at all different price levels. This makes it hard to recommend places since everyone will have different tastes and budgets. But I can provide a couple of suggestions:

Cabo Wabo

Cabo Wabo Vegas

Located at the entrance of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Cabo Wabo serves up some good food and drinks. However, the big reason for placing this among my favorite Vegas restaurants is because of the view when dining on their patio. Snag a railing seat along the Strip at night and you can enjoy the people watching for a long time. They also have live music outside which can be hit or miss as far as how good they are.

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich
Another restaurant at Planet Hollywood is one that is open 24 hours and almost always has people eating there. Earls is a great place for a quick and cheaper meal. It can also be found at The Palms and Caesars Palace now. It's also a good option to take before leaving for the airport and having it on the plane or at the airport while waiting for your flight.

Caesars Bacchanal Buffet

Vegas Buffet
The only problem with this buffet is the price. I've been here for dinner once and felt it wasn't worth the extra price over lunch. If you go for lunch, you can fill up and not need much of a dinner later on. The food quality is among the best for a buffet. You'll have a hard time not over eating here.

Country Club at Wynn

Wynn Country Club
Get away from the Strip and head to the back of the Wynn to dine at their Country Club. Dine outside with a view of the golf course and waterfall. I found their delicious food to be accompanied by great service. You will be spending a little bit more here, but it isn't too bad.

Cheap Vegas Dining
As much as I'd like to provide a listing of the happy hours available on the Strip, they change too much. Even if you see the same happy hour special listed on several sites, it might not actually be available when you go. I've had this happen twice. Just print out a list of possible options in case this happens to you. Otherwise, when it gets closer to your Vegas vacation, keep an eye out on Groupon, TravelZoo and to help you save on your meals.